B.KFX-II Tube Holing, Sealing & Capping (Screwing) Machine

Machine Detail/Specification

This machine is suitable for opening the hole in the head of plastic or aluminum-plastic laminated tube which is hermetic, and sealing the hole with aluminum foil, then capping the tube finally. It includes three functions together.

This machine is an ideal machine for the tube manufacture plants. It uses the advanced PLC control and screen-touch interface programs, and the servo electric drive can keeps pinpoint. It also enjoys firm structure, widely usage, high speed and stable operation. Accurate holing, attractive sealing and precise capping are all the advantages of the machine.

Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Air Supply 0.5MPa
Power 3.5kw
Air Consumption 0.8m3/min
Productivity 55 pcs/min
Foiling Precision 99%
Capping Precision 99%
Tube Diameter Ф19~Ф50mm
Thickness of Aluminum Foil 0.008~0.01mm
Dimension(L×W×H) 2200×2000×1800
Weight 850kg
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