Plastic Laminated Tubes

Plastic Laminated Tubes

H&H Marketing provide Plastic Laminated Tubes, an innovative packaging solution which is suitable for a wide range of consumer products. Usually used by the Health Care and Beauty Product market, infact more and more Pharmaceutical are shifting to laminate tubes as well.

Aluminum barrier prevent moisture from scalping and keeps the flavor intact. It can also be used in the food industry with products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustards and other form of paste.

Laminate tubes offer effective protection for the majority of products which safeguards the shelf life of the product and allows the product to be easily and hygienically dispensed.

We offer the highest quality and a wide decorative appeal by our selective product lines and we utilize the most modern production and printing technologies.

Plastic Laminated Tubes
  • Excellent barrier properties increase product shelf life
  • Having flexibility and softness ensure no damage during transits
  • Printing of up to 6 colors
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Squeezable
Laminate Material
  • Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL)
  • Plastic Barrier Laminate (PBL)
Printing / Varnish
  • Surface Printing Upto 7 Colors
  • High Gloss UV Varnish
  • Standard Toothpaste Nozzle (S-13)
  • Cosmetic Nozzle (S-15)
  • Shaving Cream Nozzle
  • Flower Pot
  • Round
  • Special Full Round
  • Caps Can be Made According to Specs

Specificatoin Chart

Dia Standard Length Length Range Mouth Volume
19.0 mm 110 mm 97-116 mm S-9 15-25
22.0 mm 110 mm 80-140 mm S-13 25-30
25.0 mm 140 mm 80-170 mm S-13/S-15 40-80
28.0 mm 150 mm 80-180 mm S-13/S-15 90-100
30.0 mm 150 mm 80-180 mm S-9/S-13/S-15 90-100
32.0 mm 173 mm 80-180 mm S-9/S-13/S-15 100-150
35.0 mm 173 mm 80-180 mm S-13 150-180

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