B.GFN-301 Inner-Heating Filling & Sealing Machine

B.GFN-301 Inner-Heating Filling & Sealing Machine

Machine Detail/Specification

The machine can automatically orientate eye marks, filling, sealing, pressing date and cutting the end. This machine is widely used in daily cosmetic, medicine and food industries.

A reliable thermo-air heating system composes of high efficient heater and stable flow meter imported from Germany are applied. It adopts touch screen, PLC control, auto tube feeding and positioning. The seal is firm and high efficient. The filling heads in different specifications are prepared for materials in different thickness.

Power Supply 380(220)V/50Hz
Air Supply 0.6-0.8MPa
Air Consumption <0.6m3/min
Filling Quantity 10-50ml | 50-100ml | 100-200ml
Volume Precision ≤±5%      | ≤±3%        | ≤±2%
Productivity 25―30 pcs/min
Tube Diameter Φ16―Φ50mm
Dimension(L×W×H) 1600x1090x1500mm
Weight 300kg
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